the Problem

turning your AI research to a product

Goal: Convert a new, high quality and with great potential academic research to a product suitable to fit a market.

Problem: Implemented algorithms are suitable for scientific publishing, yet huge effort must be put in place to convert it to a suitable product to be delivered to consumers.

Technology Transfer Must Deal With
  • Regulations
  • Scalability
  • Development
  • Business Dev
the Solution

The MLPod™ platform jumps into the rescue!

The MLPodTM platform is a no-code/low-code tool that allows the fast, secure, scalable and cost efficiently deployment of AI models and data analysis scripts dealing with infrastructure setup, automatic UI/UX deployment and data communication between users and models.
The MLPodTM platform in Brief
  • Fast UI deployment
  • Fast Model Deployment
  • Cloud and on the Edge
  • Automatic Orchestration
  • Security by Design
  • RestAPI
Holistic approach

But MLPod™ is not only about tech…

An integrated methodology for AI Engineering based on scientific research, published on peer-reviewed conferences.

Thus, the researcher has:

  1. A guide on how to monetize your AI research (download),
  2. A holistic no-code tool to fast and cost-efficiently convert the research findings to a fully functional app (www.mlpod.io – in private beta, ping us for more info).
We have developed two design thinking tools to allow researchers set up their business model to monetrize their AI research, along with our MLPodTM no code tool used to build their AI app.
Our Vision

The ecosystem of Success

Our ultimate goal is to assist the technology transfer and make the AI research properly enter the market,
allowing researchers, developers, model providers to monetise their AI assets.

A unique ecosystem

The ultimate platform to monetise
your AI assets

Competitive Advantage

Why we are unique

Fast UI deployment

No code mechanism that can be extended to meet advanced needs

Fast Model Deployment

Add our python wrapper and with a few lines of code have your models ready to communicate with your users/consumers Webapp

No Code Heterogeneous Computational Environments Integration

Fast integration of heterogeneous computational environments for model execution, including both private/public clouds, on premises and edge execution.

Automatic Orchestration

No need to deal with orchestrating the communications between the infrastructure that executes your models and the users Webapp

Security by Design

The platform is designed and implemented with security in top priority. All the communications are encrypted, and every access is controlled. The platform handles this process automatically without the need to code any functionalities


For advanced use, the platform supports an API mechanism to integrate with 3rd parties.

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