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The ultimate tool for critical data analysis

Deploy now your MLPod™, the ultimate silo to build, run and scale your Machine Learning app.
  • Respect privacy
  • Maintain data ownership
  • Pay per accuracy
  • Proof of procedure
  • Improved auditing
  • Strong Support
  • Cloud or on premise
  • Collaborate
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The ecosystem of Success

In the modern economy your data is a valuable asset to remain unutilised. Critical data hides precious knowledge to skyrocket your business or your research. Exploit the benefits of Machine Learning technology without worrying about privacy issues. Start deploying your ML sandboxes fast and cost effectively.


From dashboards to automatic reports

With a no code/low code tool simply define your scope of work and have our platform automatically analyse your data and deliver reports based on the hidden knowledge extracted from your data.

But even if you don’t find what you need have external data scientists and engineers develop a custom ML app for you and deploy it in your private MLPod™ without giving access to your private data!

A unique ecosystem

The monetisation network of the
digital economy

Competitive Advantage

Why we are unique

Fast and simple

No need for engineering and coding skills. You simply focus on clearly defining the scope of work and we do the rest.

Cost effective

You only pay for the resources you use having full control of your expenses. A pain reliever for your FinOps team.

Escrow payments

Hire external experts to deliver advanced data analysis and pay according to the quality of the provided solution.

Sandbox solution

Have your ML app operationalised on a silo environment fully controlling where and how the code is executed.

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